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Before and After Pictures from The Plains
The Plains, VA Electric Water Heater Replacement

The Plains, VA Electric Water Heater Replacement

Before After
The Plains, VA Electric Water Heater Replacement The Plains, VA Electric Water Heater Replacement

Before: Outdated water heater leaking from the bottom of the tank

After: Newly installed Bradford White electric water heater with 6 year warranty 

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Does your home's water smell like sulfur, have a pH imbalance, too much magnesium, calcium, or other impurities? J.R. Snider can help with our exclusive line of innovative water treatment solutions, including water softeners, conditioners, filters, and more. We even make your life simpler with reliable water treatment services like:

  • In-home consultations
  • Salt delivery services
  • Water treatment system repairs
  • Water testing
  • Water treatment system installation

See how J.R. Snider can improve your life with clean water. Schedule a free water treatment estimate to learn more. We proudly serve The Plains, VA and areas nearby.

CareSoft Series® water softeners eliminate hard water

Do you experience frequent issues with clogged plumbing, shower stains, or skin irritation? These are all signs of water hardness, which is caused by too many minerals, like magnesium or calcium, in your water supply. That is why J.R. Snider offers the eco-friendly CareSoft Series® water softeners, which reduces hard water and saves you money!

CareSoft Series® softeners include:

  • CareSoft Elite®
  • CareSoft Elite RC®
  • CareSoft Pro®
  • CareSoft Pro RC®
  • CareSoft®
  • CareSoft Series® twin units
  • CareSoft Series® cabinet units

Schedule a free water softening estimate to learn more. We proudly serve The Plains, VA and areas nearby.

Improve your home with efficient whole-house water filtration

Not only can water contaminants cause health issues for your family, but they can also ruin the efficiency of your appliances, damage plumbing, and cause stained fixtures. Eliminate foul-smelling, nasty, and unsightly impurities in your water with the whole-house filtration systems from J.R. Snider.  We can help you create a safer, cleaner, and more valuable home overall!

Our water filters include:

  • Ion Pro Air Iron filter
  • Ion Pro Air Sulfur filter
  • CareClear Pro® filter
  • CareClear Pro® AN filter
  • CareSoft Pro® Tannin filter

To see how our water filters can create a safer, more comfortable, and valuable home overall, schedule a free service estimate. We proudly serve The Plains, VA and areas nearby.

Total water treatment with our water conditioners

Does your home's water have too many minerals, a PH imbalance, or other acidic impurities? The TotalCare® Series water conditioners from J.R. Snider were designed to treat multiple contaminants with an exclusively engineered media called Crystal-Right™, which reduces hardness, iron, and manganese while also raising low pH levels. So not only do our water conditioners eliminate smelly, nasty, unhealthy contaminants, but it can also enhance the safety and comfort of your family as well as keep your appliances and plumbing functioning properly.

TotalCare® Series water conditioners include:

  • TotalCare® 1 conditioner
  • TotalCare® 2 conditioner
  • TotalCare® twin conditioners

To see how our highly efficient water conditioners can purify your water, schedule a free service estimate today. We proudly serve The Plains, VA and areas nearby.

Create better-tasting & safer drinking water

Do you ever wonder about the quality of the water you cook with or drink? With efficient reverse osmosis drinking water systems from J.R. Snider, you never have to worry again. Our exclusive drinking water systems were designed to create cleaner, healthier, and better-tasting water conveniently and affordably!

Our drinking water systems include:

  • UltroWater®
  • Clear Flo®

To get safer, cleaner, and better-tasting water, schedule a free drinking water system estimate in The Plains, VA today

Schedule an in-home water treatment consultation

Water issues aren't always obvious, which is why J.R. Snider offers in-house water treatment consultations, where we test your water supply, explain your results, and provide the perfect recommendations for your home.

To see how J.R. Snider can enhance your water, schedule a free water treatment estimate today. We proudly serve The Plains, VA and areas nearby.

Case Studies From The Plains
Mr. F. had a neat old barn with plenty of horse stalls and the staff had been washing horses outside in the weather. Mr. F. asked to meet with us to...
Job Stories From The Plains, VA
Radon Levels in Drinking Water- The Plains, VA

When Mrs. E. bought her new home she undertook a renovation project.  Concerned with the quality of the water she had us perform and on site water analysis as well as lab testing.  Among some of the typical issues normally found in the areas well water it was also found that the water had elevated levels of Radon.  The equipment used to address these issues consisted of an iron filtration system, a water softening system, a de-gassing system and a ultra violet disinfection system.  

Radon Levels in Drinking Water- The Plains, VA - Photo 1
Water Treatment Upgrades The Plains, VA

Mr. R. has a lovely home built in the beginning of the last century. Mr. R. recently had all the water piping in his elegant older home replaced and while he was now happy with the amount of water he had he was not happy with the quality of that water. Occupants of the house were complaining of hair brittleness and hair color issues. Additionally. Mr. R. had a recently renovated the kitchen with one faucet delivering water at barely a trickle. Lastly, Mr. R. recently had numerous plants put in at his yard and only had one non functioning hose bib on the whole house, his plants needed to be watered. 

Upon arrival we listened to Mr. R.’s concerns and set out to make recommendations and offer solutions to his plumbing woes. A water test we performed on site revealed that the water was acidic (low pH) and the water was also hard.
Our solution was to install an acid neutralizer to raise the pH of the water so it would no longer be acidic and corrosive to plumbing and fixtures,the acid neutralizer was followed by the installation of a water softener. We installed two new hose bibs on opposite sides of the house and found and cleared an obstruction in the piping serving his kitchen sink faucet.
Mr. R. now has luxuriant pH correct and softened water to his home and is now able to properly care for his new plants and the newly renovated kitchen has a properly functional kitchen sink and faucet.
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