Water Filtration

Water Filters Installed in Ashburn, Middleburg, The Plains, & Nearby

Comprehensive filtration for clear, better-tasting water

J.R. Snider's line of Water Filters offers custom solutions for your home's exact water needs. Our WaterCare™ brand filters solve common water issues, including:

  • Foul smells caused by iron & sulfur
  • Discoloration & unpleasant taste
  • Acidity, contaminants, & unwanted particulates

Reduce impurities in your water while keeping your well, plumbing system, and fixtures operating as they should with J.R. Snider water filters! We offer free water filter installation and service estimates. Contact us to schedule yours today in Leesburg, The Plains, Chantilly, and nearby in Northern Virginia.

Ion Pro® Water Filters


Better for your home & the environment


J.R. Snider's Ion Pro® filtration system combines specialized filtration media with a unique air chamber for advanced filtering power. The air chamber oxidizes dissolved contaminants while the media effectively filters problem particles from your water. This is done without harmful chemicals or salt.

The Ion Pro® Filter:

  • Eliminates stains and odors caused by iron or sulfur
  • Is economical and efficient, using only the water necessary to maintain consistent water pressure throughout your household
  • Is an environmentally friendly solution for clean, high-quality water - no chemicals or salt required, just air

Ion Pro Air Iron filters put an end to rust-colored, iron stains, improving the vibrancy of your laundry and preserving the life of your plumbing, fixtures, and appliances.

Ion Pro Air Sulfur filters eliminate rotten egg smells caused by high levels of hydrogen sulfide in your water.

The Ozone Generator is an optional feature available on our IonPro® Water Filters and is one of the most powerful sterilants on the planet.

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CareClear Pro® Water Filters

Powerful, full-circle water filtration


Whether your home has city or well water, the CareClear Pro® water filter by WaterCare® provides a complete filtration solution. Our CareClear Pro® models neutralize acidity, eliminate the taste and smell of chlorine, and filter out unwanted particles.

The CareClear Pro® Filter features:

  • Acid neutralizers that prevent your plumbing and fixtures from corroding or staining
  • Carbon filters that eliminate chlorine tastes and odors
  • Particulate filters to effectively remove particles that can enter into your household's water
  • Monitors and self-adjusts to water use patterns and changes

CareClear Pro® filters remove unwanted contaminants simply and efficiently, using only water to backwash the system during its cleaning cycles. These filters are environmentally friendly, efficient, and can be customized to focus on your unique water problems.

CareClear Pro® AN address acidic water problems in your home. Acid in your water source not only accelerates corrosion in your plumbing but can also stain and damage the fixtures in your home. The CareClear Pro® AN tackles acidity using calcite to slowly dissolve calcium carbonate and neutralize pH levels in your water.

Product Line Brochure | Owners Manual | Specification Sheet

CareSoft Pro® Tannin


Remove tannins from your home's water


CareSoft® Pro tannin filters are proven to successfully remove tannins in your well water for crystal-clear, great-tasting water.

What are tannins?

Tannins are organic matter found in groundwater wells. They often cause discoloration and musty or earthy-tasting water in households with wells.

Tannin adsorption resins allow you to customize your water solutions by:

  • Reducing organic acids from underground sources
  • Performing an ion exchange to remove tannins
  • Lowering pH levels during exchange
  • Regenerating to protect your well

The CareSoft Pro® Tannin filter effectively removes unwanted minerals, discoloration, odors, tastes, and acidity that can be found in well water sources. Our tannin filters use water efficiently to conserve water and preserve your well.

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