Inch Worm

Inch Worm™ Technology

Quiet filtration & regeneration in VA

The Inch Worm™ is our custom solution for the noisy, thrashing regeneration seen in traditional water filters.

Instead of quickly releasing air when our filters move to the backwash position, Inch Worm™ technology releases air inch by inch. This makes for a more quiet and gentle transition, causing less disruption to your life, and less damage to your unit.

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How Inch Worm™ Technology Works

Water filters need to regenerate in order to continue doing their job. The first cycle our water filter enters when regenerating is called the "Backwash Air Position." Here, our advanced Inch Worm™ technology controls the valve, allowing only small movements (inching along).

As the water level creeps to the top of the tank, air is released slowly and more importantly, harmlessly down the drain. This Inch Worm™ allows for the filter to expel the pressurized excess air without the violence associated with other air systems.

The Air Release Cycle

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