Crystal-Right™ - Water Treatment With Efficient & Innovative Zeolite

Powerful water conditioning throughout Northern Virginia

J.R. Snider's Crystal-Right™ media is a powerful, unique substance offered exclusively in our TotalCare® conditioners. Crystal-Right™ is a custom-engineered zeolite produced by Mineral-Right, a revolutionary leader in today's water treatment market.

What is Crystal-Right™?

Crystal-Right™ is a man-made zeolite. Using innovative practices and advanced technology, scientists were able to eliminate the dirt and inefficiencies often found in naturally occurring zeolite to create pure, powerful Crystal-Right™.

Crystal-Right™ effectively eliminates manganese and iron, both problem minerals often seen in hard water. Crystal-Right™ also has a high tolerance of chlorine, making it easy to keep your water treatment system clean.

Featured exclusively in WaterCare® Conditioners

Two of J.R. Snider's state-of-the-art conditioners use Crystal-Right™ media, making it easy for you to take advantage of the exclusive benefits.

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Crystal-Right™ is right for your home

Crystal-Right is available in J.R. Snider's TotalCare® Conditioners. Which model is best for your home?

Features of the TotalCare®:

  • Equipped with CR-100 media
  • Reduces hardness, iron, manganese
  • Raises low pH

Features of the TotalCare® Twin:

  • Equipped with CR-200 media
  • Reduces high amounts of hardness, iron, and manganese

The Crystal Formation Process

Custom-Engineered Liquid Mixture Made and Stored

Product Is Filled Into Tanker Truck

Product Is Transferred To Field Truck

Custom Built Field Truck Lays Media Beds

Mixture Is Poured Into Frame and Solidifies

Full Field Of Freshly Poured Beds

As It Dries, Crystals Begin To Form

Crystals Continue To Crumble

Dried Beds Are Harvested and Washed

Final Product Is Packaged For Distribution

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