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Our water treatment consultations ensure quality water

Water Treatment Consultation in Middleburg, VA

Keeping your family safe includes ensuring their water is clean and healthy. That means identifying and eliminating any water contaminants that could cause them harm. Luckily, J.R. Snider can help with our in-home water testing and consultation services. During this appointment, we will provide indoor and outdoor water testing, see if there is any water odor, and discuss your questions and concerns. If our experts determine that your home needs a water treatment or water filtration system, we will discuss your options, find the best place to install equipment and provide a free service estimate.

We have decades of experience and can work with you to ensure great-tasting, safe water for your home. Get started by scheduling a consultation and water testing today! We proudly serve Virginia areas throughout The Plains, Ashburn, Middleburg, and nearby.

What to expect from an in-home water consultation

1. We discuss your home's water quality

We ask basic questions about your water and how it affects your home. Some of these questions include:

  • Does your water have a foul smell or taste?
  • Do you have staining on your laundry and fixtures?
  • Are there hard water spots on your dishes?
2. We perform an equipment inspection

If you have a water treatment system in the home, we will examine the equipment to ensure it is working properly.

3. We provide outdoor water testing

We collect a raw sample from an outside spout to conduct water testing to determine the water quality before it enters the home.

4. We do an odor evaluation

A consultant will examine your water's odor and note anything out of the ordinary, including:

  • Sulfuric smell, similar to rotten eggs
  • Chemical odor due to contamination from pesticides or groundwater
  • A detergent smell from the septic tank leaking into the water supply
  • A methane gas smell from decaying organic substances near swamps, above landfills or aquifers, or on top of an oil field
5. We conduct indoor water testing

We conduct a water test from a sample we collect inside the home, either from the bathroom, kitchen, or both.

6. We go over the water tests

Our expert will bring a water testing kit to evaluate the samples collected outside and inside the home. As they go through each test, they will:

  • Explain what they're looking for
  • Give you the results
  • Explain your results in detail
7. We review the test results & offer recommendations

After a consultant reviews the water test results, they will recommend what water treatment solution or water filtration system you may need.

8. We do a home evaluation & provide a free service estimate

Our consultant will examine the space available in the basement or garage to determine the best place to install a water treatment or water filter system and provide a free service estimate.

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