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Water softeners, filters, & conditioners equipped with premium features

J.R. Snider installs WaterCare brand water softeners, filters, conditioners, and specialty solutions throughout Middleburg, Ashburn, The Plains and nearby. Our water treatment products are equipped with a range of advanced features designed to elevate your water quality- and even smart features that allow you to monitor water usage, salt levels, and more.

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Wripli revolutionizes your water treatment with exclusive Wifi technology! This allows you to monitor flow rate, salt and water usage, and other handy details like how many days and gallons remain before your next service. Available in our TotalCare conditioners and CareSoft Elite Softeners.


Water Efficient Technology helps consumers save up to 50% of the salt and water used by today's high efficiency systems. Stop wasting water, and start maximizing savings with W.E.T.! Available in our CareSoft Elite and CareSoft Pro Water Softeners.


Developed by a leading group of scientists, Crystal-Right is a man-made zeolite engineered to eliminate problem minerals efficiently, without the impurities found in naturally-ocurring zeolite. Available exclusively in our TotalCare® conditioners.

Inch Worm™

Inch worm technology eliminates the noisy, thrashing regeneration often shown in traditional water filters. Inch worm allows for slow release of air, creating a more gentle transition that is less disruptive to your daily life and to the life of the filter. Available in our Water Filters.

Chlorine Generator

J.R. Snider water treatment products supply a constant flow of chlorine to effectively clean your system. Electricity separates chlorides from your system's salt solutions, creating an endless and free supply of chlorine. Available in our TotalCare Conditioners, CareSoft Elite, CareSoft Elite RC, and CareSoft Elite Twin.

Ozone Generator

Ozone is essential to water filtration and a powerful natural sterilizer. With J.R. Snider's Water Filters, air is easily converted into ozone, which removes unwanted elements let behind. Our ozone generator is eco-friendly and available in our IonPro Air Sulfur and IonPro Air Iron.

Salt Monitor

Stop worrying about salt levels and enjoy peace of mind with J.R. Snider's salt monitor feature. Our salt monitor is constantly measuring and recording the amount of salt in your brine tank. Low levels will trigger an audio alarm to notify you, so you're never caught off guard.

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