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Before and After Pictures from Waterford
Waterford, VA Electric Water Heater Replacement

Waterford, VA Electric Water Heater Replacement

Before After
Waterford, VA Electric Water Heater Replacement Waterford, VA Electric Water Heater Replacement

Mrs. L. woke up one morning to find water around her water heater.  Upon inspection we found that the tank had started to leak and was not repairable.
After discussing the issue we replaced her water heater with a new 50 gallon electric installed in an emergency pan.  

Waterford, VA- WaterCare Care Soft Elite Install

Waterford, VA- WaterCare Care Soft Elite Install

Before After
Waterford, VA- WaterCare Care Soft Elite Install Waterford, VA- WaterCare Care Soft Elite Install

Mr. K. called us just before he closed on his new construction home. He wanted to make sure before they moved in they addressed any water quality issues. 


Brad went out and tested their water and found a few issues that need to be corrected. We ended up installing an Air Cat CareSoft Elite and an ATS UV light. 

Water Purification Professionals in Waterford, VA

Happy Customers Surrounding Waterford, VA

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Waterford, VA's trusted water treatment experts

Have you ever wondered about the quality of water that you wash with, cook with, ingest, and drink? Water impacts your life in more ways than you think. So if your home has issues with hardness, pH imbalance, or contamination, then this can affect your health, your clothing, the longevity of your home's plumbing, and the efficiency of your water-based appliances. That is why we offer reliable and convenient water treatment solutions, including water filters, softeners, conditioners, and drinking water systems. In addition to our expert services in water treatment, we offer plumbing, well pumps, and water heaters. Plumbing is an extremely important part of one’s home, yet it is often not thought about until there is a problem. With 37 years of experience, J.R. Snider is well- equipped to handle all of your plumbing needs. We also simplify your life by offering reliable water treatment services & more, including:

  • Salt delivery services
  • Plumbing Services
  • Well Pumps
  • Water Heaters
  • Water testing
  • Water treatment system installation
  • Water treatment system repairs
  • In-home consultations

See how J.R. Snider can improve your life with clean water & safe plumbing. Schedule a free water treatment estimate to learn more. We proudly serve Waterford, VA and areas nearby.

Eco-friendly & innovative water softeners

Do you have issues with clogged drains, costly water bills, shower stains, or dry skin after using the water? These are all signs of a hard water issue, which means that there are too many minerals, like magnesium or calcium, in your water supply. Hard water can cause all sorts of issues, including discomfort for you and your family, plumbing issues, and damage to water-based appliances.

Create a better, cleaner, and safer home with the CareSoft Series® water softeners from J.R. Snider, which uses eco-friendly and innovative technology to reduce hardness and even save you money on water!

CareSoft Series® softeners include:

  • CareSoft Elite®
  • CareSoft Elite RC®
  • CareSoft Pro®
  • CareSoft Pro RC®
  • CareSoft®
  • CareSoft Series® twin units
  • CareSoft Series® cabinet units

Schedule a free water softening estimate to learn more. We proudly serve Waterford, VA and areas nearby.

Create safer water with whole-house water filters

Impure water can impact your life in so many ways, causing health issues for you and your family, damaged plumbing, issues with water-based appliances, and more. So, if your water has a nasty taste, foul odor, discoloration, or other contamination issues, contact J.R. Snider about our reliable whole-house water filters. With cleaner, better-tasting water we can promise you better plumbing, brighter laundry, greater health, improved comfort, and more!

Our water filters include:

  • Ion Pro Air Iron filter
  • Ion Pro Air Sulfur filter
  • CareClear Pro® filter
  • CareClear Pro® AN filter
  • CareSoft Pro® Tannin filter

To see how our water filters can create a safer, more comfortable, and valuable home overall, schedule a free service estimate. We proudly serve Waterford, VA and areas nearby.

Water conditioner systems eliminate multiple impurities

Whether your home's water has excess calcium, magnesium, sulfur, or other acidic contaminants, the TotalCare® Series water conditioners from J.R. Snider are the answer. Our conditioners use a uniquely engineered media called Crystal-Right™, which allows the system to reduce hardness, iron, and manganese while also raising low pH levels. 

TotalCare® Series water conditioners include:

  • TotalCare® 1 conditioner
  • TotalCare® 2 conditioner
  • TotalCare® twin conditioners

We can create cleaner, better-tasting water that won't cause health issues to your family, clog drains, ruin the efficiency of water-based appliances, or stain fixtures. To see how our highly efficient water conditioners can purify your water, schedule a free service estimate today. We proudly serve Waterford, VA and areas nearby.

Create cleaner water with drinking water systems

Giving your family the best starts with clean, healthy water. That is why J.R. Snider offers highly-efficient reverse osmosis drinking water systems, which are proven to reduce impurities to create better smelling, tasting, and looking water.

Our drinking water systems include:

  • UltroWater®
  • Clear Flo®

Give your family the healthy water they deserve and schedule a free drinking water system estimate in Waterford, VA today

Schedule an in-home water treatment consultation

When it comes to understanding the quality of their water, many homeowners just don't know where to start. This is why we offer an in-home water treatment consultation, where we test your water supply and go over the results with you. Once we understand your home's water issues, we can recommend the perfect water treatment solutions.

In addition to water treatment services, J.R. Snider offers commercial plumbing, residential plumbing, emergency plumbing repair, and much more. Our team has been trained thoroughly to install well pumps, and water systems to help keep your Waterford, VA home safe.

To see how J.R. Snider can enhance your home, schedule a free water treatment estimate today. We proudly serve Waterford, VA and areas nearby.

Job Stories From Waterford, VA
Waterford, VA WaterCare Ion Air Cat Filtration System

Shortly after Mrs. R. purchased this beautiful historic home in Waterford, a heavy thunderstorm flooded the cellar. After identifying a small issue with the sump pump that we corrected, it was also agreed that we should raise the water heater off the floor as a precaution.


In addition, she was not happy with the quality of the water and wanted to discuss what improvements could be made.  After performing a free in-home water analysis we found that her issues included a high amount of iron and hardness.  In addition, the iron was harboring iron bacteria which was creating a foul rotten egg odor.


We explained the issues and what equipment was needed to eliminate them.  The one year - no interest financing offer allowed us to install the equipment immediately while giving her plenty of time to comfortably pay for her new state of the art water treatment equipment.  

Waterford, VA WaterCare Ion Air Cat Filtration System - Photo 1
Plumbing Upgrades Waterford, VA

We have been working with Mr. R. for a few years as he renovates a large historical home he purchased.  Among many other plumbing related work we also revamped the old pressure tank and water treatment.  The customer's primary concerns where protecting the refinished older fixtures as well as the new plumbing that was being installed throughout the house.  In addition, he wanted to provide his family with safe, clean water that could be used without worry.  This phase of the work consisted of installing a new larger pressure tank, a new iron filtration system, a new water softener and a new ultra violet disinfection system with pre-filter.  

Plumbing Upgrades Waterford, VA - Photo 1
Upgraded Water Treatment Waterford, VA

When Mr. and Mrs. K. had continuous issues with their iron filtration unit, we discussed the features of the Water Care “Ion Air Cat”.  The mechanics of this new unit eliminates a lot of the issues that are common with other iron filtration systems.  We quickly had a new unit delivered to the site and the new unit was installed in the matter of a few hours.  Since the installation there have been no more mechanical issues and the customer has informed us of how happy they have been with the new system.  

Upgraded Water Treatment Waterford, VA - Photo 1
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