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J.R. Snider Case Studies: Upperville, VA Well Pump Repair

Monday, April 20th, 2020 by Mike Slaughter


Mrs. G. lives in a lovely well cared for home on a large property with several dependencies scattered about the property. Mrs. G. called us out because she had no water anywhere on the farm. Upon arrival our technicians quickly determined the entire farm was served by one well and they determined that the well pump in that well was not pumping. Our technicians performed an electrical diagnostic on the wiring leading from the wellhead to the pump located two hundred feet deep within the well. The diagnostic results lead us to believe the well pump wiring was either severed or the pump motor gad failed. After pulling the well pump our technicians performed an inch by inch inspection of all two hundred feet of the well pump wiring and located broken wires about six feet above the pump. Our technicians determined the well pump was only five years old and deemed replacement of the pump not necessary. 


Our technicians then replaced the failed portion of the wiring and fully tested the well pump for proper operation before dropping the well pump back into the well. Upon startup of the pump out technicians noticed that water pressure was inadequate and determined that water was flowing somewhere on the farm. An exhaustive search of the farm resulted in us finding a toilet that was running wide open which we repaired. Our technicians continued to notice a loss of water at a rate of approximately two gallons per minute. Again our technicians were able to isolate the dependencies from the water source and determined that the water line going to one particular home (when turned off) stopped the flow of water. Again, our technicians went on a leak search and located an underground leak on the water line feeding that particular structure which we promptly excavated and repaired. A less thorough diagnosis of the entire situation would have surely resulted in either a dry well situation or a failed well pump or both. Mrs. G. thanked our technicians for being so thorough and was pleased we didn’t just turn the water on and leave her with problems that would manifest themselves later with an unfavorable outcome.

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