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J.R. Snider Case Studies: Purcellville, VA Gas Water Heater Replacement

Monday, April 13th, 2020 by Mike Slaughter


Mr. F.  called us to his home because he believed the thermal expansion tank on his water heater was leaking and he wanted a quote to replace it. Upon arrival our technician performed a thorough inspection of the water heater and the nearby piping. Upon examination we found the water puddling on the top of the water heater was coming from the water heater tank itself and not the piping, the gas water heater flue collar had developed a crack and water was seeping out around the flue. 


Our technician was determined to find out why this happened so he performed a water pressure test on the home. The water pressure test revealed excessive pressure on the water supply system, the existing pressure reducing valve located in a different area of the house had failed and was allowing the high water pressure to enter the home possibly leading to the water heater tank failure. We proposed and installed a new water heater with a new thermal expansion tank as well as a new pressure reducing valve. Mr. F. was pleased that we correctly resolved the issue he called us about and thanked us for being so thorough and finding and correcting the underlying cause of the problem.

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