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J.R. Snider Case Studies: Bluemont, VA Water Treatment System for Large Demand

Monday, May 13th, 2019 by Brad Dawdy


When Mr. R. built his dream home he pulled out all the stops.  He wanted to build a home that would be a destination location that his entire family would enjoy visiting for years to come.  His plan is to relocate to this beautiful property upon retiring.  While he remained working this house would be primarily used as a weekend/vacation home and for family gatherings.  
As such he had top of the line systems installed that would be more reliable and lessen headaches from popping up when the property was being used.  Unfortunately the water treatment system that was originally installed did not meet the same standards as the rest of the systems.  This system did not seem to properly address the issues in the water and had continuous issues.  In addition, the company that the builder had used to install the system was not local and began to show resistance in continually traveling so far to make the necessary repairs.  
It was during one of these major malfunctions we were first introduced to the customer.  A component of the system malfunctioned and began flooding the mechanical room one Saturday.  Unable to reach the installer, he began searching for someone that could provide him with the quality of equipment and level of service that he valued so dearly.  
After receiving Mr. R.’s plea for help, our Field Manager and Water Treatment Expert Brad Drawdy quickly arrived to assess the situation.  After isolating the leak and stopping the flooding we proceeded to evaluate the system.  After performing a water analysis we learned that in addition to the system being undersized for the large demand, it also did not address several of the issues with the quality of the water.


The customer, tired of the issues and not satisfied with the quality of the water wanted us to provide options for a system that would be more reliable, provide better water quality, and be sized properly to accommodate the large gatherings.  In addition, he was highly concerned with making sure that the water was safe for him and his family to use and consume.
The challenge was designing a system that would meet the occasionally large demands without the need for very large and very expensive light commercial equipment.  We solved this problem by designing a system that used several residential-sized units to take the place of each large commercial unit.  This not only allowed for higher flow rates but also was substantially less expensive.  
After discussing the water quality issues, the options for addressing each issue, and the features of the proposed equipment, the customer quickly approved the project and was eager to perform the work.
We proceeded to install two backwashing Turbidex sediment fitters to filter out the large amounts of sediment. That was followed up with two backwashing iron filters that oxidize and then filter out the problematic iron. We then installed a twin series water softener to remove the hardness and protect the rest of his plumbing system and appliances.  And lastly, we installed an ultraviolet disinfection system to protect from harmful bacteria.
After installing and starting up the new system. We then proceeded to shock and flush out all of the plumbing system to disinfect and remove any residual problematic water.
The system has been operational for over a year now and the customer is so pleased with the quality of water, equipment, and service that J.R. Snider now maintains all aspects of his plumbing system from well pump to septic and everything in between.

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