10 things you can do to save money and not give it to your wonderful plumber

Thursday, January 17th, 2019 by J.R. Snider

Winter Plumbing Tips



1) Close your crawl space vents (small 8” by 12” openings along your foundation, if you have a full basement, you probably don’t have these) and put a pc of styrofoam in front too. This keeps the wind from freezing water pipes in a relatively unconditioned area. 

2) Remove hoses connected to outside faucets. If you have inside isolation valves properly labeled turn them off. Then open the outside faucets and let the water drain out.  

3) Check to be sure your dryer vent is closing properly on the outside penetration. Lent can build up and cause a gap that allows cold air to penetrate to places inside your home and cause water pipes to freeze and burst. If your vent faces North this applies even more!!

4) Check the condition of your basement, crawl space, and well-house doors. Simple as it sounds, hinges and door knobs that are not secure do cause many costly repairs .

5) Check your fuel level. Propane or fuel oil. Whatever your source make sure you don’t get below 1/2 full. When the weather is bad everyone is busy and you might not be first on the list. Obviously annual service to your heat source by a quality service provider prior to fall. 

6) If you know you have freeze “issues” go check the things you know about. Such as heat lamps etc.  Be safe and don’t take chances with unsafe methods. I absolutely hate heat tape anywhere that animals are involved. 

7) Check your electric breakers for your outside automatic livestock water troughs.  Some of you don’t trust the built in thermostat controls. Plus you can verify the elements are working when we get a morning in the twenties. Make sure the water is a tad warm. This ensures the heat elements are working. 

8) Did you winterize your pool house? Irrigation systems? Tack room? Guest house? Green house? Apartment over the garage ? 

9) Speaking of garage apartments. Don’t forget to close your garage doors when it’s cold.  There’s only a few inches of drywall and insulation between your water pipes and Mother Nature. 

10). So number ten.  The most  reoccurring winter freeze service call of all is “oh darn, This happened last winter “  
 If we helped you last winter and you are not sure how. Please give us a call.  We have your notes saved and will be glad to remind you what we recommended. 

We wish you and your critters and safe, warm and carefree winter.  
From all of Snider’s Riders.  

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