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Water Heater Replacement in Middleburg, Virginia

Logan replaced this 50 gallon short water heater with a new safety pan, copper pipe and ball valves. 

Yard Hydrant Replacement in Middleburg, Virginia

Jared dug up and replaced a rusted, leaking yard hydrant.

Pressure Tank Replacement in Middleburg, Virginia

Greg G. contacted JR Snider when his existing pressure tank was waterlogged and needed replacing. We installed a 62 gallon pressure tank and got his plumbing back in good working order.

Pressure Pump Installation in Middleburg, Virginia

Kevin H. was experiencing low water pressure in his home. Josh installed a Grundfos Scala II booster pump in the basement to increase pressure throughout his home.

Main Sewer Line Repair in Lovettsville, Virginia

Mrs. H called because she had a bad sewer smell in her house. We sent Chris and Cam out to find the problem and discovered that the main sewer line in the crawlspace was deteriorated on the top of the old cast iron pipe. Chris and Cam replaced the damaged portion of the pipe with new PVC pipe and the problem was solved. 

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