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MIddleburg, VA. Acid Neutralizer Installed

The customer had an older Maytech Acid Neutralizer that was no longer working. 

We went out and removed the old equipment and replaced it with a New WaterCare Acid Neutralizer with WRIPLI WIFI technology.

Haymarket, VA Iron Removal System

The customer was reporting a high amount of iron in the water. They had recently topped off their pool when the water became cloudy. We went out and tested the water and found the pH and hardness at high levels.

We went back the next day and install a Watercare Ion Pro Air Cat and WaterCare Elite Resin Softener with Wripli to fix the problem. 

Round Hill, VA Pressure Tank Replacement and Watercare Caresoft Elite Resin Softener

Having previously lived in town on “city water”, Mr. and Mrs. E. were unsure of who to contact about the issues they were having with the well water in their new home.  Luckily for them, their neighbor knew just who to tell them to call!


The existing water treatment equipment was not addressing all of the issues in the water and was causing pressure issues throughout the house.  


After a quick water analysis, we explained what the issues were and what options could be used to improve the quality and performance of the system.  


First, we installed a new larger pressure tank to save wear and tear on the well pump.


Second, we installed a new iron filtration system to oxidize and filter out the iron which was staining all of the fixtures.


Third, we installed a new resin water softener to remove the hardness from the water.


And lastly, we installed a new ultraviolet disinfection system to protect against harmful bacteria.


A quick shocking of the plumbing system ensured that it was sanitized and safe for use.

Waterford, VA. Ultra Violet Light Disinfection System,

Before- Customer Had 2 pieces of equipment installed by us. A Sanitizer and a Aircat with Ozone. 

After- newly added UV disinfection System and Whole House filter. 

WaterCare Acid Neutralizer and WaterCare CR100 Softener Install in McLean, VA

This customer had an outdated piece of water treatment equipment that is not softening and creating water that is staining. 

We installed a new WaterCare Acid Neutralizer and WaterCare CR100 Softener so the homeowner now has an efficient, properly functioning system.

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